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I'm a Florida CPA based in the eastern section of Hillsborough County.

Let me help you with your personal tax needs.

Tired of using those online companies where you essentially file your own returns?

Call or email me so I can free up your valuable time.

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Business Tax & Accounting Services


Income tax services

Whether you're a sole owner, a partnership, or a corporation you'll need to file a business income tax return.  I'm registered with the IRS to electronically file all tax returns.

Stop doing your own taxes

Tax laws are so complicated.  As a CPA I'm required to stay on top of the current laws.  Use my services so you can free up your valuable time.  

Stop using franchise companies

Franchises often charge hidden fees or won't inform you of additional charges for extra forms required.  My fees are straight forward and likely less then theirs.  

Payroll tax services

If you process your own payroll you still might want my services for your periodic payroll tax payments and employer tax filings.  If you're ready to outsource the task I can help.  I can electronically file your quarterly and annual federal and state employer payroll tax returns. 


This is another service where I can provide some efficiencies to your business.   I'm well versed in a variety of accounting software platforms  that include popular desktop and online programs to integrated ERP systems. I'm also a member of the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program.


Business Needs

Starting a new business

Are you starting a new business?

Have you decided which type of business to launch?  

Are you going to be a Sole Owner?  A Corporation?  A LLC?  A Partnership?

Click the link to the right for a summary of the various business types of entities.

After you've decided which entity type to select you need to register your business with the state.  You can do it yourself or hire someone.  I can help you with your state registration and my rates are much lower than what a lawyer would charge.

If you register as a corporation you can elect to be a C Corporation or a S Corporation.  Those distinctions relate to how you file your business's income taxes.  I can help you make that decision.

If you prefer to be a sole owner (or sole practitioner) no state registration is required.  But if you're interested in a trade name it should be registered with the state.  It's called a Fictitious Name registration.  I can help with that registration too.

The state charges fees for the initial registration.  For corporations, the fee is charged each year thereafter.  Fictitious name registrations pay an initial fee to register and are renewed every 5 years.

My business services

  • Income tax filing - E-file too
  • Bookkeeping services
  • CFO services
  • Payroll services 
  • Payroll tax filing - E-file too

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Small Business Services

I can help your business tax planning.  Allow me to be your CFO by helping with your accounting and payroll functions.

Individual Services

Let me help with your personal tax needs.  Tired of filing your own taxes?  Or those online companies where you have to do your own?  Call or email for any questions.

IRS letters?

Need help with an IRS letter?  Call me at 813.951.7408 or email  Let's start planning your next tax strategy.  And maybe even boost your refund.

Accepting New Clients

Accepting new clients.  Call or email for your free consultation.  Are you a business owner?  I can handle your accounting functions.  We can work together in person or remotely via email.  It's your preference.

About me

  • I'm a CPA licensed in Florida
  • Multiple years of experience as a Financial Controller including financial statements, multi-state sales tax functions, and a full range of numbers crunching and data analysis
  • Multiple years of individual tax returns, S corp tax returns, state corporate filing, federal trademark filing, and more
  • My core values are based on integrity, honesty, completeness, thoroughness, trust, and sustainability

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